I tried to take a break

I tried to take a break from thinking about my struggles. From dealing with everything. I didn’t really have a choice. There is no longer anything new to try. The doctor says we can, but we no longer have much hope. ¬†After the last failed cycle, where we got nothing from, I took it to mean that there was no hope. ¬†This was due to an incompetent nurses misinformation, telling me that statistically I have next to no chance of conceiving a healthy baby. I spent the next 2 months thinking I have no chance. SHE WAS WRONG. Even when I spoke to the doctor I was so devastated I couldn’t hear anything he was saying. Turns out I just couldn’t hear what he was saying due to my panic and depression.

I know I over reacted, but in a way it was good. I had to deal with what will likely happen in the end. I blame the crazy amount of hormones I was taking. I am/was devastated by this glaring miscommunication. Upon speaking to the doctor again this past week we revisited a few options, but I decided I can no longer use this practice.

Yes, the nurse was right that there is not much hope, but there is some hope. The fact that this women wasn’t more sensitive and careful about what she’s saying is one of the most unforgivable things that has ever happened to me. I have started the search for a new RE. I’m not willing to put the effort into trying again with a doctor who has such an incompetent nurse.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly why the nurse said what she said. Getting another opinion now is more crucial than ever. Part of me hopes this nurse is fired, as I was calm enough to explain to the doctor exactly what was said. I know that’s terrible but I don’t think my feelings are unjustified.